Kingdom Hearts 3 is the best-selling game of the saga on consoles: the exact numbers

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Kingdom Hearts 3 it is the game of the console saga (therefore mobile and browser games are not calculated) that it has sold moreover. Sora’s most recent adventure has placed worldwide 6.7 million units.

The figure was revealed by the manufacturer Ichiro Hazama who spoke at the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary private event that took place in Japan this past April. Only today was a dedicated video shared and the information has therefore become public domain.

During the presentation, Hazama reflected on Kingdom Hearts hit saying, “In total, there are many games, including Final Mix and other editions, but after all things are taken into account, there are 13 titles in the series.” Hazama continues, “And, if you can believe it, over 35 million units have been sold.” Perhaps most impressively, Kingdom Hearts 3 alone has sold 6.7 million copies worldwide. Hazama explains that this makes it “the best-selling console game in the series over the past 20 years.”

Sora and Remy in Kingdom Hearts 3

During this event the first trailer of Kingdom Hearts 4 was also shown, which we have already seen, and other interesting information was indicated, such as the arrival date of Kingdom Hearts Dark Road 5.0.0 (i.e. the final offline version): August 26, 2022.

To see the full event and find out more details, you can refer to our dedicated news.

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