Kingdom Hearts: News at the D23 Expo for fans, based on a potential teaser from Nomura

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fans of Kingdom Hearts have begun to hypothesize, following a Q&A by Nomura dedicated to Kingdom Hearts, that some news on the next mobile game of the saga – Kingdom Hearts Missing Link – could be arriving, precisely during the Disney convention, D23 Expo.

As shared by Twitter users @aitaikimochi and @xenosaga7, a YouTuber dedicated to Kingdom Hearts in Japan – known as @toro_cocoron0te – made a very interesting observation about the recent Q&A session by Nomura. As translated by @xenosaga7, the Q&A was transcribed and shared by Square Enix, but some questions were asked differently than others.

The most attentive fans have noticed that each question is categorized with the nomenclature “Q1, Q2, Q3” and so on (Q for “Question”, in Italian “question”). However, question 4 has been tagged as “O4” and the same can be said for question 10. It might be a typo, but Kingdom Hearts fans have learned that nothing is random when it comes to it. Nomura and now they are theorizing that the numbers four and ten are significant in some way.

A hypothesis is that it is a reference to the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary event where Kingdom Hearts 4 was announced took place on April 10th i.e. 10/4. Many fans also point out the importance of the building 104 of Kingdom Hearts 3 and the other Square Enix IP The World Ends With You. Diving down the rabbit hole, we can see that the Q&A was held on August 26, 2022, which is 14 (10 + 4) days before September 9 , i.e. the same date on which the D23 Expo videogame event will be held. It’s also worth noting that technically Kingdom Hearts 4 will be the 14th game in the series, if you don’t include the final mix and re-released games.

In the midst of all this, the account of Square Enix he tweeted the word “Sora” for no apparent reason. For fans, therefore, there are news coming, probably related to Missing Link.

All these hypothesis they might seem a bit exaggerated, but with Nomura, nothing is ever certain. In any case, for the moment there are no official confirmations. For confirmations or denials, just wait a few days.

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