Kirby and the Lost Land: good sales in Europe, where the character is not historically strong

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Nintendo has reported that it is particularly pleased with the sales Of Kirby and the Lost Land even in Europe and in some areas of Asia where the character, historically, does not have a large following, demonstrating how the change of formula has had success.

Shuntaro Furukawa commented positively on the results achieved by Kirby and the Lost Land, citing excellent performances even where Nintendo would have expected to sell less. “In addition, sales of Kirby and the Lost Land, released late last fiscal year, continue to grow significantly this fiscal year, with the game performing strongly in Europe and Asia, where sales of the Kirby series have been relatively weak thus far.”

It is evident that the change of formula studied for this chapter has had positive effects: abandoning the classic 2D structure of the main games of the series, Kirby and the Lost Land presents itself as a sort of 3D platform even with some more classically two-dimensional phases. Kirby’s special abilities are then integrated into the adventure structure with puzzles and fights scattered throughout the various game worlds.

In our review of Kirby and the Lost Land we gave the game a very positive evaluation thanks to the excellent level design and the variety of situations that make up the gameplay.

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