Kirby and the Lost Land: Kirby eats everything in the new trailer

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Nintendo has released a new trailer Of Kirby and the lost land to show his beautiful pink character in action again. This is a general cinematic about the game, showing the main features, including Kirby’s special moves. The gameplay is confirmed as extremely dynamic and colorful, as well as full of quotes. We imagine that all fans of the Nintendo series are looking forward to playing it.

Let’s read the general description of the game, available on

Kirby’s next adventure on Nintendo Switch will be in 3D! In this new title, players will be able to freely explore three-dimensional areas using Kirby’s classic abilities. What threats will our hero face this time as he makes his way through the remains of an ancient civilization?

Kirby and the Lost Land is scheduled for March 25, 2022, obviously only on Nintendo Switch. You can buy it both in physical and digital edition.

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