Kirby and the lost land: new gameplay video from Nintendo Direct

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On the occasion of Nintendo Direct on February 9, 2022, a new gameplay video of Kirby and the lost landwhich we remind you will be released on March 25, 2022, which shows a lot of gameplay of the Mouthful modewhich shows some of the levels we’re going to visit and some of the enemies we’ll face, as well as a mysterious villain.

As you can see, Kirby can count on several powers to get the better of his opponents. As always, the character is the protagonist of what appears to be a light and fun platformer, designed for everyone.

Let’s read other details taken from the official press release:

Kirby and the Lost Land: A new trailer for Kirby’s upcoming 3D adventure featured the mouth morph, which allows Kirby to transform into the objects he aspires to. For example, he can take on the form of a car to move faster, turn into a vending machine to attack with cans, or even become a pointed cone. At Waddle Dee’s Armory, Kirby can also evolve his classic abilities, becoming even more powerful. Will our hero be able to rescue the kidnapped Waddle Dee and restore peace to this mysterious world? Kirby and the Lost Land will arrive on Nintendo Switch on March 25th.

Nintendo Direct is the format with which Nintendo presents its news to the world of video games. Tonight’s is a higher Direct, in terms of duration and content, as the announcements are showing.

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