Kirby and the Lost Land: Valentine’s Day postcards depict Kirby in absurd transformations

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Nintendo has posted a series of Kirby and the Lost Land themed Valentine’s cards, which depict Kirby in his absurd transformations. You can see the pictures below.

If you are interested in downloading them and print them to give them to your partner (s), you can simply go to this address on the official Nintendo website. There, you will find a link to download a 2115 kB PDF. The images are meant to be printed on an A4 and then cut out: if you are a child, be careful when using scissors!

The images are made, as mentioned, starting from transformations by Kirby. For example, we find the helmet that makes the ball stuff a perfect mole digger, thanks to a huge auger. In another image Kirby he is shown shooting his own weapon thanks to the star helmet (the joke is “Show me the stars”). When Kirby eats a light bulb (don’t do this at home!), He says “You light up my life”. Finally, we see one of the most popular versions of Kirby on the internet in recent days: Carby, or the automobile version of Kirby.

Tell us, what do you think of these Kirby and the Lost Land themed Valentine cards? Finally, here is the new gameplay video from Nintendo Direct.

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