Kirby and the Lost Land will support amiibo, according to the Japanese site

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Kirby and the Lost Landthe new game for Nintendo Switch based on the famous pink character, it will also support the use of amiiboaccording to reports from Nintendo’s official website in Japan.

Although the thing has not been clearly touched on the presentation of the game, it seems that Kirby and the Lost Land also foresees the support of the collectible figurines produced by Nintendo, with the various characters they produce. different effects in game.

The amiibo supported by Kirby and the Lost Land

According to what is reported by the official Japanese site of Nintendo, these are the amiibo that guarantee effects when used in conjunction with Kirby and the Lost Land, also illustrated in the image above, taken from NintendoLife:

  • Kirby
  • King Dedede
  • Meta Knight
  • Kirby (Smash Bros)
  • King Dedede (Smash Bros)
  • Meta Knight (Smash Bros)
  • Qbby (BOXBOY!)

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