Konami: Metal Gear artist reveals that a revival of a known saga was in development

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A former Metal Gear Solid developer claimed that Konami had in the works the development of a revival of a well-known saga but the publisher canceled the project in 2019.

The source of this information is Ikuya Nakamura, artist and co-director of the Metal Gear series. Nakamura explained, via a series of tweets, that Konami was developing the revival of an internal IP note, but it is not indicated which one it could be. The whole thing was in development for “several months” in 2019, but the project was eventually canceled. It seems that the publisher preferred to develop a new original game.

Metal Gear Solid

It is impossible to say for sure which Konami saga it could be. As mentioned, however, Nakamura he has devoted almost his entire career at Konami to the Metal Gear series. Nakamura also worked on Metal Gear Survive in 2018, so it is not impossible that in 2019 Konami was trying to develop a new Metal Gear but, in the end, he stopped the projects given the not incredible success of Survive. Obviously this is only speculation for the moment.

The rumors still point the finger towards the Return of Metal Gear in the form of a remake, precisely of the third numbered chapter. According to rumors, however, the development would have been entrusted to an external team from Singapore. For now we can only take note of the information shared and wait to find out officially what Konami has in store for us.

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