League of Legends, the cosplay of Ahri Spirit Blossom from Lada Lyumos is very colorful

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League of Legends it is also an institution in the field of cosplayAnd Lada Lyumos wanted to dedicate his latest work to the character of Ahri in the Spirit Blossom version. The result? Colorful, as you can see.

By now it is also trivial to underline the quality of the cosplay of the Russian model, who really does a great job both with the costumes and with the makeup and post production, entrusted from time to time to some of her collaborators.

However, Lada is not the only one to have played Ahri in Spirit Blossom version, see for example the cosplay of nymphahri which was also splendid and particularly lively.

Speaking of the famous MOBA by Riot Games, the 2022 Season of League of Legends was presented a few weeks ago, with all its news.

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