LEGO: 2K appears to have been officially licensed for sports games

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2K seems to have gotten the officially licensed LEGObut in this case to be used for a series of sports gamestherefore probably alongside the production of titles by TT Games and Warner Bros., although the question is still poorly defined and in any case not officially announced by those directly involved.

VGC reports that the Danish construction toy company has made a deal with 2K to expand the catalog of LEGO-related video games, but focusing specifically on sports titles of various genres. The teams would be at work Visual Concepts and Sumo Digitalboth with previous experiences in sports games, even with arcade influences.

Considering the essence of the franchise, even the new titles should belong to the arcade field, given that it is unlikely that they will be sports titles with a realistic inclination. According to reports from the site in question, which cites internal sources that have remained anonymous, however, the first game coming from this agreement should be a title of football under license from LEGO.

Next should come a open world racing game always LEGO themed, therefore something similar to the LEGO Speed ​​Champions expansion of Forza Horizon 4, to get an idea, which could be in development at Visual Concepts after the conclusion of WWE 2K22. This would explain the job announcements that see the team playing a “heavily licensed open world racing game,” which previously hinted at a return of the Midnight Club and would instead associate with this LEGO title.

The soccer game, destined to come out earlier, could instead coincide with the 2022 FIFA World Championship in Qatar, expected between November and December, thus suggesting a release in the autumn of 2022, while the racing game would go to 2023. We reiterate that there are no official confirmations on the information in question, even if they seem to be corroborated by various sources contacted by VGC. Furthermore, we do not know if this means the end of the use of the LEGO franchise by TT Games and Warner Bros., but it is likely that it at least coincides with the conclusion of the exclusive relationship.

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