LEGO Doctor Who could be the next chapter in the LEGO series, due to a rumor

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According to a rumor circulating on the web, the next chapter of the of LEGO games could be LEGO Doctor Who. The choice of Traveller’s Tales, the development studio, should have been dictated by the success of the expansion related to the character released for LEGO Dimensions. Basically it would be the best-selling ever, so much so that it convinced the publisher Warner Bros. to produce a standalone game under license.

All the doctors seen so far, from the first to the last

According to what was reported, LEGO Doctor Who would bring together all the doctors, it is not known whether in playable form or not.

The story should in fact start with the new doctor, not yet revealed, who obviously will travel through time to meet his other himself.

Many of the levels should still be set in theVictorian England, but many alien planets will also be visited. According to what reported, Travelle’rs Tales should have selected some episodes of each series to turn them into game levels.

The release of LEGO Doctor Who should take place in 2023, on the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of the series. Of course it is worth reiterating that nothing is confirmed, so take everything with a grain of salt, waiting for official communications.

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