Life is Strange and Disco Elysium will become films or series on Amazon Prime Video

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Life is Strange, Disc Elysium and eventually further videogame productions will become movie or series televisions produced by Amazon Studios and made by dj2 Entertainment.

The latter is the company that contributed to the creation of Sonic il Film (review) and its sequel, specializing precisely in the reduction of video games into live action shows, intended in this case for the platform Amazon Prime Video.

We are also talking about the same company that will make It Takes Two a film, in the context of a genre that is carving out more and more space both in cinema and on television.

“dj2 has long been convinced that video games can become the starting material for stories that are told in the form of television series and films, and that it was only the lack of love and respect for this art form that prevented the successful adaptations are born, “said producer Dmitri M. Johnson.

“It is also truly an honor to be able to count on Prime Video as a partner, a partner that truly supports us and supports our ambition to tell the best international gaming stories without limiting how high we aim.”

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