Lightyear Frontier, a new gameplay trailer from Gamescom 2022

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Lightyear Frontier is back to be seen at the Future Games Show 2022 at Gamescom 2022 with a new gameplay trailers who explained different aspects of the game, deepening the knowledge of this particular survival sandbox with an “alien” setting.

As we also explained in our preview of Lightyear Frontier, the main peculiarity of this game is the fact that it focuses entirely on the use of a handyman mechs to carry out the various “agricultural” and resource gathering activities.

The game otherwise plays like a classic survival in which you have to collect resources and grow plants, raise animals and generally carry on a farm, but all in an alien context. The peculiarity is that all the interaction, however, takes place through a mech, which instead of being a fighting machine is a sort of bipedal “tractor” with various functions.

This triggers a series of particular mechanics, obviously including the deep customization and modification possible on the machine in question. For the rest, it’s about exploring the alien planet, discovering its secrets and trying to save your crops from the harshness of the planet’s climate and weather conditions.

In general, Lightyear Frontier is presented as a very relaxing experience, but it also has elements of challenge, although this trailer actually focuses more on the calmest possible climate. The release of Lightyear Frontier is scheduled for Spring 2023 on PC and Xbox.

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