Lightyear: official trailer and release date of the new animated Disney Pixar film

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Lightyearthe new Pixar animated filmcomes up with a official trailer extended, which shows something more about the story, the setting and the characters of this awaited Disney production, intended to tell the origins of the myth of Buzz Lightyear.

There exit date is set for June 17, 2022, Lightyear tells the story of the origins of Lightyear, before he became a hero known throughout the world and the protagonist of various toys, including the mythical Buzz from Toy Story. As you can see from the trailer, it is a science fiction story that seems to have a remarkable rate of action, in addition to the inevitable humor and probably also its share of feelings as we can always expect in Pixar productions.

Lightyear therefore tells the story of the Lightyear man, who inspired the toys of the space ranger Buzz Lightyear, staging his adventures that built the myth of the character space in question. In the video we also see several other characters including the particular robot cat that seems to act as a real sidekick for the protagonist within the many crazy situations in which he finds himself, including the clash with his nemesis Zurg.

Struggling with an advanced exploration mission, Lightyear finds himself catapulted into a series of high-risk situations between aliens, giant robots and other threats, explaining how he has since become the model for millions of children’s toys. We had already seen a first trailer of it last October.

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