Like a Dragon: Ishin!, 10 minute gameplay video from TGS 2022

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Like a Dragon: Ishin!the newly announced remake from SEGA, stars a video Of gameplay lasting approximately ten minutes, captured by IGN during the TGS 2022.

We tried Like a Dragon: Ishin! in that of Tokyo, confirming the charm of the feudal setting and the variety of a combat system which appears very solid, but declined within clashes that are inevitably less refined than in the new chapters of the franchise.

The video shows the protagonist of the adventure, Ryoma Sakamoto, engaged in various exploratory sequences but also in exciting duels against the criminals who are trying to frame him for his father’s murder.

Despite the different scenario, it is impossible not to notice the many parallels between Ishin and the classic chapters of Yakuza, as well as the inevitable structural limitations of a title originally released in 2014.

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