Lost Ark: EULA covers everything, including alien invasions and killer robots

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L’EULA by Amazon Games for Lost Ark and New World covers every possible scenario, from classic software terms of use up to alien invasionskiller robots and scenarios similar to Planet of the Apes.

Reading carefully i Amazon Games terms of use (which published Lost Ark in the West), which include the conditions of use, the code of conduct and all the other quibbles related to the use of the software that users usually ignore, we can also read this interesting passage:

“To enter into this Agreement and use the Games, is essential that the user is a living human being (for example, not a company, organization, form of artificial intelligence (good or bad), extraterrestrial, non-human sentient primate, etc.), “reads section 5.1 of the Amazon Games Terms of Use for Lost Ark and therefore also for New World, but the best is yet to come.

“However, this restriction will not apply in the event of a large-scale conquest of planet Earth by extraterrestrials, robots, monkeys or the likein which case we will welcome our alien masters, robots, apes or other overlords, as the case may be, (such parties, “Their Eminences”) to play our Games, and Their Eminences will be subject to the terms of the this Agreement, mutatis mutandis (after making the necessary changes, ed), starting from the date of the conquest and continuing for all subsequent periods, until the date on which human governance will not be restored.

“Notwithstanding, furthermore, that in the event that the conquest requires the forced migration of the human species to Mars or other celestial bodies, where the Games are not currently operational, we will make commercially reasonable efforts to (a) expand the locations where the Games are are available and we waive the applicable restrictions under Section 5.2, below, and (b) enable local game servers as soon as reasonably practicable, subject in any case to the availability of interplanetary logistics, utilities, sustainable life support, asteroid diversion systems, local stores or distribution services as needed and subject to applicable law, as may be provided by our affiliates, our third party suppliers, celestial beings or governmental or non-governmental organizations. ”

Lost Ark

What can I say, hats off to Amazon Games for the irony. And just in case it wasn’t a joke, at least we know that we will be able to play Lost Ark and New World even in the event of an invasion by aliens / robots / monkeys. Always as long as “Their Eminences” allow us to do so.

Meanwhile, Lost Ark has reached 1.2 million concurrent users on Steam, beating the Cyberpunk 2077 record.

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