Lost Ark: number of contemporary players already higher than the New World record

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Lost Ark has already set a record for contemporary players, all within a couple of hours after launch. The MMO has reached i 984,111 contemporary players, thus breaking the New World record. The data comes as always from SteamDB.

As you know, Lost Ark has experienced a troubled launch from the very first moment. The game was supposed to be released yesterday but, 15 minutes before release, everything was postponed due to server issues. Six hours later, the game was back online and the public jumped at it. In the space of just two hours, 984,111 players simultaneously connected and therefore passed the record by New World, 913,634 players, obtained in October 2021. The comparison between Lost Ark and New World is due to the fact that both MMO games are published by Amazon. At the time of writing this news, Lost Ark it counts 594,847 players at the same time, thus placing itself in second position behind the immortal CS: GO. For the time being, Lost Ark is beating heavyweights like Dota 2, PUBG: Battlegrounds, Apex Legends, and GTA 5 (or more precisely, GTA Online). Obviously we will have to see in the long run whether it will be able to maintain these numbers or whether it will fall sharply.

We at Multiplayer.it have made an article on the new game, in which we explain what you need to know about the highly anticipated MMO Lost Ark.

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