Lost Ark: on Steam very negative reviews of some packages for deceptive advertising

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Some packages Of Lost Ark they are getting some very bad reviews on Steam due to their description, which many consider to be misleading advertising. For example, the Vanquisher Starter Pack only has 32% positive reviews, with the negative ones all pointing in the same direction. But what happened?

Basically the description of these packages lists several exclusive skins, without specifying that the player will only be entitled to one. So those who buy them can be led to believe that he will get them all, as happened to several people, only to end up with a handful of flies. It must be said that we are talking about often very expensive packages (in the mentioned case we are talking about € 64.99), so buyers could be led to think that they can receive all the items listed even only from the price.

In general, however, the Lost Ark packages have not been well received by the community, even when they do not have descriptions that are too ambiguous. Many consider them simply too expensive for what they offer and, moreover, some fundamental details, such as the fact that the objects obtained are usable with only one character, are discovered only when in play.

It must also be said that in these cases Steam it does not offer any form of reimbursement, so the disappointed had to swallow the bitter pill without being able to do anything.

For the rest, Lost Ark is confirmed as a game of immense success, which currently stands in first position among the most played on Steam.

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