Lost Ark on Twitch with 1.2 million viewers, a great success for the free-to-play MMO

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Lost ArkSmilegate RPG’s free-to-play MMO, has exceeded its quota in these hours 1.2 million viewers up Twitch. Impressive numbers considering that the game is currently only available in early access and which demonstrate what was expected with a certain interest and enthusiasm by Western players.

As reported today, Lost Ark was generally received positively by the international press and in the first day of early access it exceeded half a million contemporary users on Steam. Basically between active gamers and Twitch viewers, Smilegate’s MMO is entertaining over 1.5 million users in the West today, hats off.

As we can see in the post above, Lost Ark has reached 1.2 million viewers on Twitch, while at the time of writing they have dropped to 1.1 million, followed by the Just Chatting categories (637 thousand viewers), the evergreen GTA 5 (357 thousand) and Apex Legends (200 thousand). In all likelihood, the MMO will remain at the top of Twitch’s most watched categories over the next few days.

Lost Ark is an isometric action-RPG MMO that is somewhat reminiscent of Diablo. In addition to the missions that can be tackled alone, there is no shortage of raids to play with friends or other users and PvP battles. At the moment the game is in early-access for those who have purchased one of the three founder packages, while the public servers will open their doors on February 11th.

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