Lost Ark: Problems with premium content, missions and more, the team promises quick fixes

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Lost Ark It was recently released on PC in North America and Europe and the response is positive, at least based on the number of players who have logged in. At the same time, there are a lot of downsides, like long queues on servers and some problems with premium content and storyline missions. The team has promised that some fixes will come quickly.

Specifically, some users have reported that their “Crystalline Auras“They do not activate in the game after purchase, and the developers have stated that this problem is caused by the huge traffic the servers are currently experiencing. That said, they are working on a patch (client side) that will be released this week. The hope is that this will completely solve the problem.

A Lost Ark character

In addition to this, the developers have also confirmed that they are aware of the problem that some players are having with history missions, which tend to disappear from the game. There are also long waiting times on UE server. As we know, more servers will be made available to help alleviate traffic, and the developers are also working on in-game compensation for players who have not been able to progress through the story.

Lost Ark has already reached the second most contemporary-player gaming position ever on Steam and even broke the New World record.

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