Lost Ark temporarily postponed by Amazon: problems at launch, solution coming soon

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Today was supposed to be the launch day of Lost Ark but there seem to have been gods server problems which they forced Amazon to postpone the releaseat the moment it is not known how much but it could even be just a few hours.

Virtually 15 minutes away from the Lost Ark release, Amazon has detected a few “distribution” problems, which seems to have something to do with game servers, considering it is a digital title. For this reason, the developers requested to wait a little longer, thanking for the patience and reporting that everything should be “fixed in a few hours”.

There is currently no other information but we are awaiting updates on the game, considering that it is also a particularly awaited release by many players. Lost Ark should become available as free-to-play for everyone from today but already has more than 500,000 players on Steam, demonstrating how many have still followed the Founder’s program, while the game has also taken off on Twitch reaching 1.2. millions of viewers.

If these data are also combined with the first positive votes collected, it is easy to see how Lost Ark also seems to be a success for Amazon on the MMO front, after the excellent results collected with New World, at least initially. At this point we are waiting to know when it will be made available. In the meantime, we refer you to the Special on what you need to know about the highly anticipated MMO.

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