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The movie from Uncharted does not seem to have convinced the criticism, which has assigned him so far votes rather low and a 41% on Rotten Tomatoesthe famous online rating aggregator that certifies the “freshness” of a film.

The spectacular commercial with Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg for Uncharted, the film underlined the spectacularity of the sequences present in the film, but it is possible that beyond certain scenes the transposition did not hit the mark.

The early reviewsin fact, they speak of an action movie as an end in itself, with characters characterized in a different way than the games and a script below the superhero standards in terms of jokes and fun.

Uncharted will make its debut in Italian cinemas on February 17, and by then we will know how things stand: will the film do justice to the famous series developed by Naughty Dog?

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