Mad Max 2: The game is in development, according to an announcement from one of the game’s actresses

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Mad Max 2aka the sequel to Avalanche Studios’ 2015 game, could be in development. The “confirmation” comes from Wendy W Fok, who would have been invited by the team to lend her face in a photogrammetry session.

As you can see in the tweet below, Fok claims that Avalanche invited her to New York for one a while ago photogrammetry session for Mad Max. The woman speaks precisely of Mad Max 2.

For the moment there has been no confirmation from Avalanche Studios. Also, the tweet is a week old and had simply passed on the sly. For now it is not clear what is happening: it seems strange that the woman has unveiled Mad Max 2 with such carelessness and that the development team has not requested the removal of the tweet.

It could be a mistake, or quite simply Avalanche doesn’t care about the information circulating this way. For the moment we can only take note of what Fok said and await new confirmations or denials.

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