Madfinger, the Dead Trigger and Shadowgun team, is working on a realistic FPS for PC

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Madfinger Gamesthe team behind games like Dead Trigger 2 and Shadowgun Legends, is working on a Realistic FPS hardcore that will be released exclusively on PC. However, the project does not yet have a name or a launch date.

In the Shadowgun Legends review we talked about how the Czech studio has achieved excellence when it comes to the genre shooter on mobile, and the intention is clearly to do even better on a platform without limitations like PC.

“Since the founders of Madfinger Games all began their careers working on very important titles before starting this company, we are faced with the closing of a circle: with this next, big step they will return to their roots”, reads in the press release.

The team can indeed count on people who have contributed to the making of games such as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Quantum Break, the Mafia trilogy, Hidden & Dangerous 2 and the Vietcong series, before moving on to mobile productions and getting an extraordinary success with over 300 million downloads.

In order to offer an experience of great visual impact, the studio will also switch from Unity toUnreal Engine 5: This will allow developers to create their most ambitious project ever, with a focus on realism and hardcore experiences.

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