Mario Strikers: Battle League Football announced at Nintendo Direct in February

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Mario Strikers: Battle League Football represents the return of the Mario themed soccer game which has been missing from the scenes for some time now, surprisingly announced during the Nintendo Direct of February 2022 currently underway, with a trailer on Nintendo Switch.

The presentation trailer by Mario Strikers: Battle League Football shows several characteristics of this particular interpretation of football, which obviously deviates from the realistic simulation to embrace the purest arcade, as per the tradition of the series.

The game obviously takes place in teams of 5 players each, with the possibility of containing 8 players in the game even on a single console through offline multiplayer, but there is also online multiplayer and several modality of the game, among which the Online Clubs were presented, i.e. groups of up to 20 players with online statistics and results.

Among the main features there are purely “Mariesque” elements such as the possibility of using special equipment that modifies the appearance and statistics of the players, and a strategic use of special shots like “hyperthrous”, which allows you to score two points instead of one.

There exit date Mario Strikers: Battle League Football is set for June 10, 2022, with pre-orders open from today at the end of Nintendo Direct.

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