Mario Strikers: Battle League Football will be developed by Next Level Games

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Mario Strikers: Battle League Football Sara developed from Next Level Gamesthe team author of the previous episodes of the series: this was confirmed by the Australian rating of the game, in which mention is made of the study.

Acquired by Nintendo last July, Next Level Games has always been in charge of the series Mario Strikersmaking Super Mario Strikers for GameCube in 2005 and Mario Strikers: Charged for Wii in 2007.

In short, there will be no changes at the helm: the franchise has been entrusted to the same hands as always and we can therefore expect an evolution of the experience seen so far: the announcement of Mario Strikers: Battle League Football during the last Nintendo Direct is definitely well to hope.

“A new chapter in the Mario Strikers series arrives on Nintendo Switch! Get ready to discover strike, a five-on-five sport similar to football where the best defense is attack!”, Reads the official synopsis of the game on the Nintendo website.

“Go for the goal by dribbling, passing the ball to your teammates and exploiting tackles, tools and devastating special shots. If you spot a ball on the field, catch it and charge it while the opponents are distracted to unleash an hyperthroat, a special shot that allows you to score two goals instead of one! “

“Customize your squad however you like by assigning equipment that changes not only the appearance of the players, but also stats such as speed, strength and accuracy of passing.”

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