Martha is Dead: free copy on Steam to those who pre-ordered the Collector’s on PlayStation

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Team LKA recently announced an interesting initiative, following the famous issue of censorship applied to the PS4 and PS5 version of Martha is Deaddeciding to give away a copy for free of the game on Steam to those who have carried out the preorder of the Collector’s Edition on PlayStation.

In a post published on the Steam community section, the team shed light on the famous issue of complaints applied to the PlayStation versions of Martha is Dead, reporting that the PC version, as well as probably the Xbox version, have not been affected by variations in content.

Furthermore, it is reported that pre-orders are not yet available on Steam and that further communications will possibly be made before launch regarding this aspect.

Martha is Dead, a screenshot with a glimpse of the setting

The most interesting thing that emerges from the communication, however, is the fact that “Those who have pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition (available only on PlayStation at the moment) also get a Steam key included which allows access to a standard version of the game on PC “.

The idea behind this initiative is to also provide those who play on PS4 and PS5 a chance to experience the game in its own right. full and uncensored version, moreover considering that the Collector’s Edition is currently only available on PlayStation platforms, so it is obviously the censored version. In the meantime, it has emerged what may have been censoring Sony on PS4 and PS5, although we await further information on the extent of the changes made.

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