Martha is Dead: here’s what Sony may have censored on PS4 and PS5 (warning, strong images)

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One is circulating online clip which shows what Sony may have wanted censor of Italian horror Martha is Dead on PS4 and PS5. Be careful, because this is a really strong short sequence and it could disturb more than someone.

Before proceeding with the clip, we describe it briefly to give you a way not to watch it, in case you have a poor tolerance for certain contents. Basically the skin of the face of the corpse of a girl is cut, framed in first person. The video stops when the skin is ripped from her face.

Now, it is clear that for some this scene may be too strong. However, it is equally clear that this is an authorial choice with a strong metaphorical value and that censoring it means impoverishing the entire experience, depriving the players of an emotionally very dense moment.

Furthermore, as pointed out by more than a few observers and many potential players, as disturbing as the sequence may be, it must not be a multinational who chooses whether or not the public should see it, especially in a horror game classified as per adults, which is supposed to be aimed at an audience mature enough to be able to decide without taking them by the hand.

For the rest we remind you that Martha is Dead will be released on February 24, 2022 in an uncensored version on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X and S, and in a censored version on PS4 and PS5.

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