Marvel’s Avengers: news of March 2022 revealed, but Crystal Dynamics is not ready for the roadmap

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Crystal Dynamics has released a development update for the Marvel’s Avengers and thus allowed us to discover what the news coming to the game in March 2022. Unfortunately, the team is not yet ready to show us the complete roadmap.

The biggest addition of March 2022 for Marvel’s Avengers is for sure the return of Nick Fury. The SHIELD director has not been in the game since A-Day, which is the event that started the story. Crystal Dynamics said Fury “will return to coordinate future Avengers missions alongside Director Hill”. It is unclear if it will be done via telecommunications or if Fury will be present on the helicopter.

Iron-Man, Hulk and Thor in Marvel’s Avengers

March 2022 will be patch 2.3 and will rework the War table, changing the way missions are found, selected and launched. Crystal Dynamics’ goal is to make it easier for new players to access missions. It will also be possible to earn new gear sets through a wide selection of end-game activities. Weekly rewards will also be extended to Mega Hives.

These shouldn’t be all the news in Marvel’s Avengers March 2022 update, but we’ll have to make do with it for now. As mentioned, there isn’t one yet Road mapas Crystal Dynamics is not ready to reveal it.

One of the most recent rumors sees She-Hulk “confirmed” by the voice actress of Marvel’s Avengers.

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