Master of Magic: official release date announced, Master of Magic Classic free on GOG

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The new Master of Magic has one release date Official: December 13, 2022, announced by publisher Slitherine and development studio MuHa Games. To celebrate the novelty, as well as the 28th anniversary of the franchise, Master of Magica Classic is now free on GOG For a limited period of time.

To redeem Master of Magic Classic from GOG, just go to the store homepage and look for the game banner. Then you have to click on the button to redeem it and it will be yours forever, in DRM free version. Of course, to get it you need to have an active account with no limitations.

Master of Magic is considered one of the best fantasy strategy that have ever been made, as well as one of the most influential 4X ever, along with the Civilization series. Slitherine acquired the rights to the franchise in 2019, announcing a reboot in 2020.

If you are interested in learning more, read our special dedicated to Master of Magic, where you will find information about the game and its legacy.

Master of Magic on Steam and GOG.

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