Matrix Resurrections: Warner Bros. denounced by production for launch on HBO Max

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Matrix Resurrections is now at the center of a legal dispute that sees the company Village Roadshow Entertainment Group, co-producer of the film with Keanu Reeves, against Warner Bros., sued for launching the film on HBO Max simultaneously with the cinema release.

This is a rather similar situation to the one that had led Scarlett Johansson to accuse Disney in court for launching Black Widow on Disney + through Premier Access, and in the same way also in this case it is not clear how the situation will unfold, given the many question marks on each other.

In fact, the Warner Bros. agreements had been clear for some time: with the Covid pandemic still raging, the company had decided to launch several of its films simultaneously with the cinema and on HBO Max, such as Dune, The Suicide Squad and precisely the Matrix. Resurrections. This decision was thought to have been made in agreement with the production companies, as it was practically in the public domain, but apparently there must be some legal quibble that allows Village Roadshow to challenge the decision in court, or at least try it.

“Warner Bros. ‘strategy not only caused The Matrix Resurrections to fail at the box office, it also dealt a severe blow to the entire Matrix franchise,” said the legal department of the production company, which is handling the case. “There is no doubt that the poor box office results for Matrix Resurrections diluted the value of this major franchise because the poor profits limit the studios from getting future investments for other films.”

Matrix Resurrections has undergone several postponements and was finally released in early 2022 simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max, grossing more than $ 100 million at the box office at launch but then remaining below expectations. You can learn more about it in our review.

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