Metal Slug Awakening: The announcement for PS5 and PS4 was a fake

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Update February 14, 2022: SNK Global reported that the announcement of the PS4 and PS5 versions of Metal Slug Awakening was a fake. The whole thing was shared from a bogus account, created to look authentic. A fake trailer was also made.

We apologize for sharing incorrect information. Following the original news.

Original News: Metal Slug: Awakening will also come out on PS5 And PS4as well as on mobile devices: Tencent announced it with a new trailer of the game, known until recently as Metal Slug Code: J.

Shown a few months ago with a gameplay video, Metal Slug: Awakening is expected to be currently in beta on iOS And Androidtherefore the launch could take place shortly but it is not clear whether the console versions will have to wait or not.

In any case, we are talking about an experience that incorporates the typical mechanics of the famous SNK franchise, a two-dimensional action shooter originally characterized by a splendid pixel art graphics thanks to the capabilities of the NEOGEO platform.

Tencent and TiMi have said to wait for more details soon, so we imagine that soon an official announcement will arrive with the release date of Metal Slug: Awakening on mobile and on PlayStation.

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