Metro Exodus: sales of over 6 million copies, announces Embracer

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Metro Exodus has sold more than 6 million copiesthis is what was announced in the past few hours by Embracer Group, thus celebrating what is widely considered a successalso considering the expectations on the game.

Developed by 4A Games and published by Deep Silver, the recent chapter of the sci-fi series was released in 2019, therefore it reached 6 million in less than three years, which demonstrates a significant impact on the market for a title that is not really. of the most likely to be considered as a blockbuster, by genre and subject.

For those who have not followed, it is one first person shooter which has different narrative action adventure features, given the strong story-based setting, however it alternates sections more based on the script to others more open, between closed phases and those set outdoors that have sandbox-style elements.

Everything is centered on the science fiction world conceived by the writer Dmitrij Gluchovskij for his series of novels Metro, which gives the whole a particularly complex and profound world building, staging the events of a Post-apocalyptic Russia in which the inhabitants seem to have been totally confined to the tunnels of the Metro, although it turns out that something on the surface still resists, besides the mutant creatures.

Last year, Metro Exodus received an Enhanced Edition that improved the resolution, detail and frame-rate of the original on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, while also adding ray tracing into the lighting system, which brought a new evaluation with the review of the next gen version.

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