Metroid Dread: first free update announced, here are the news coming

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Metroid Dread will receive the first free update within minutes, according to the announcement made by Nintendo during the February direct. Here are the news to come.

The first free update of Metroid Dread will delight both gamers looking for challenges and newbies to the series. In fact, among the novelties we find the Dread modea new level of brutal challenge where Samus will be KO’d on the first blow regardless of the enemy or the situation.

For beginners, however, there will be a new one level of difficulty calibrated downwardswith energy and ammo that reload much faster than normal.

Metroid Dread

The first free update of Metroid Dread will be available immediately after the Nintendo Direct that is taking place in these minutes. In addition, a second free update which will insert a boss rush mode, where players will be able to face all the bosses in the game in succession without interruption.

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