Metroid Prime 4: Retro Studios takes on ArtStation for the game

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Retro Studios has published a job ad relating to Metroid Prime 4 on the ArtStation website, the favorite meeting place for various graphic designers and artists, now a reference point in the sector. From the announcement it is not clear which figures are sought, even if the site on which it was published makes its objective very clear. However, just click on it to find out more.

The move also makes it clear the purpose of the modification of the banner of the developer’s Twitter account, moreover the same as the announcement. Evidently at this moment Retro Studios wants to be identified without misunderstandings as the software house that is dealing with Metroid Prime 4, so as not to create doubts in who will propose for the job.

The job announcement itself does not offer great food for thought. You can read on it “Retro is hiring!” and “Next mission awaits”, nothing that reveals anything about the game. There are also the logos of Nintendo in small and of Retro Studios in large.

As already mentioned, more information can be obtained by clicking on it. The summary page reveals that there are ten open positions at Retro Studios, six of which are specific to graphic designers. The figures sought are: Environment Terrain Artist, Environment Artist, User interface Artist, Material Artist, Character Artist, Concept Artist. Retro Studios also hires an Environment Designer.

The research of so many professionals makes us understand that the state of the works is so advanced, but not as much as could be assumed three years after the reboot. We will probably be able to play it in late 2023, or even in 2024. Nintendo Switch still has many years of market ahead of it.

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