Microsoft and Activision Blizzard: a shareholder against the acquisition denounces the publisher

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L’Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard it seems to be well received and also expected a bit by all the shareholders of the publisher, but apparently there is someone who does not think in this way and has decided to take legal action against the publisher for block the procedure.

It is about Kyle Watson, which has mandated its lawyers to take action against Activision Blizzard, accusing the board of having accepted the acquisition only for its own benefit. According to Watson, the acquisition would not have been decided “in the best interest of the whole company”, but would have been chosen by the board members to “obtain benefits important “.

Indeed, the “golden parachute” that CEO Bobby Kotick would have prepared in the perspective of having to abandon the leadership role of Activision Blizzard following the company, amounting to about 15 million dollars, could make the accusation of Watson, although there are many other parameters to consider.

On the other hand, most of the shareholders agree with the procedure, also given the greater economic and administrative stability that would derive from the acquisition by Microsoft, considering how, at the moment, Activision Blizzard does not navigate very well. waters in terms of tranquility and management skills.

The publisher has officially answered to the prosecution with clear disagreement: “We deny all the accusations made and we can’t wait to present our defense to the court”, the board replied. On the other hand, such an accusation brought forward by a single shareholder of a huge company is likely to be wrecked. In any case, we remind you that the acquisition is currently under consideration by the FTC in the USA.

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