Microsoft Flight Simulator on Cloud available by surprise

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is available now on Cloudtherefore playable from any platform, with a surprise insertion in the catalog since Microsoft has not yet officially announced its implementation on the platform.

The addition is not visible in evidence on the app or in the Xbox dashboard, but the game can be found in the catalog of titles in the cloud by carrying out the direct search, so it is likely that its inclusion should be announced with the Xbox Game news. Pass, as official communication should arrive this afternoon.

Meanwhile, Microsoft Flight Simulator is still playable in the cloud, which opens up the possibility of using it to everyone: the simulation in question is still a particularly complex title to operate, given the high configuration required on PC or the need for Xbox Series X | S, so the fact of being able to use it directly using the Azure servers is a nice advantage .

One is obviously required connection rather powerful to be able to use it to the fullest, given the intense streaming of data required to play with it in maximum detail.

The size of the title, however, determines a certain initial loading even in use through the cloud, but Microsoft Flight Simulator is still playable, in this way, on smartphones, Xbox One, PC, Mac and any device compatible with Xbox Cloud.

Recently, the game has been updated with World Update 7 based on Australia and neighboring territories, as well as support for DLSS and improvements to DirectX 12 on the way.

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