Microsoft, possible new acquisition on the way according to Bloomberg

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Microsoft would be considering a new one acquisition after that, striking, of Activision Blizzard: according to a report published by BloombergMandiant, a company that deals with cybersecurity, would be in the crosshairs of the Redmond house.

We are therefore talking about a different operation than the aforementioned acquisition of Activision Blizzard, more oriented to Windows 11 that not to gaming, although the issue of security actually encompasses various areas, including the platform Xbox LIVE.

The goal of the company led by Satya Nadella would be to secure the skills of a group specialized in protecting users from hacking And violationsbut it would not be a negligible purchase: Mandiant’s share value is around 4.3 billion dollars.

“This would be a smart move on Microsoft’s part,” commented Bloomberg’s Anurag Rana. “In the future it will be the cloud with the best security to prevail. “Mandiant, who currently has some 3,500 employees, takes care of protection both locally and in the cloud.

Company consultants are often called in to investigate hacking and security breaches, so this is a really big name in the cybersecurity industry and would give Microsoft a substantial boost.

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