Microsoft, Sony and Activision: relationships ruined forever, according to Jez Corden

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THE relationships between Microsoft, Sony and Activision they may have been ruined forever due to the latest developments regarding the acquisition that the Redmond house has tried to finalize, but which has been hindered by all means by PlayStation.

This thesis is supported by Jez Corden, a journalist for Windows Central, who already some time ago had imagined a catastrophic scenario in the event that Microsoft could not complete the acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

According to Corden, in fact, those almost 70 billion dollars now allocated could be used to make Sony regret bitterly having contributed actively to the blocking of the operation, through the purchase of a quantity of exclusives such as to leave the Japanese house dry-mouthed.

Well, according to the latest developments and the opinions expressed by Bobby Kotick himself, who spoke of sabotage by Sony, there is a real possibility that relations between the three companies have deteriorated to the point of representing a problem for future collaborations.

According to Jez Corden’s hypotheses, the situation could have a substantial impact not only on Minecraft, which at the moment, as we know, is also available on PlayStation, but also on the next episodes of call of Dutywhich would actually damage Sony and produce results similar to those that the Japanese company has tried so far to avoid.

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