Microsoft wants remasters of its major series, planned Fallout Legendary Edition, for Grubb

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According to VentureBeat reporter Jeff Grubb, Microsoft would have plans to launch the remastered editions of all its major series, first of all that Gears of War. Also it would already have on the plate Legendary Edition of Falloutalthough there is no release date yet.

Grubb did not explain his words too much, which as they arise from rumors must be taken with due caution. Be that as it may, we imagine that these days no one would really be surprised if famous series such as those mentioned, or others as well known as the Fable one, were remastered.

If desired, it would also be a quick and not too expensive way to enormously enrich the offer of the Game Passa factor that we imagine Microsoft now always takes into consideration when making its choices in terms of projects to finance.

Sadly Grubb hasn’t given any details on the various rumors, so it’s possible to imagine, but it’s hard to say what a Fallout Legendary Edition might be.

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