Microtransactions and subscriptions make up 60% of the non-mobile video game market in the US, per NPD

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According to the data collected and analyzed by NPD Groupafter the close of the fourth quarter of 2021, during the year 60% of the US non-mobile video game market was made up of microtransactions and give it subscriptionsi.e. from the sale of in-game content which also includes DLCs.

In 2016 alone the figure was well under half of the total, which suggests why the whole industry is moving towards a model live servicewith targeted acquisitions like Activision Blizzard from Microsoft or Bungie from Sony and developers like PlatinumGames announcing they want to embrace this model.

Gamers have simply digested certain forms of monetization, towards which they no longer show any resistance. Indeed, many appreciate them.

The figure also demonstrates why there is more and more interest behind the scenes to chase theXbox Games Pass: gamers simply like subscriptions and shareholders, seeing this data, push for it to be launched by other companies as well.

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