Minecraft 1.20: camels, Sniffers and other new features coming in the big update of 2023

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Minecraft Live 2022 brought with it several new features, as was to be expected, including the announcement of the big update scheduled for 2023, which is currently called simply Minecraft 1.20 and which will contain various new content such as camels.

Contrary to what usually happens, Mojang has not announced a precise title for the next Minecraft update nor a complete list of characteristics. Considering the difficulty that the team has recently encountered in respecting the release dates and the organization announced for updates to the game, this round has decided to limit itself to a more vague hint of the upcoming news, waiting for a name more precise about the update and a more detailed schedule.

In any case, there are many innovations shown during the presentation and visible in the video above. Minecraft 1.20 should arrive in the course of 2023 and bring with it several interesting novelties to the game world. One of these, which the developers focused on during the presentation event, is represented by camels: the animals will obviously have the classic style of Minecraft creatures but will still remember their real counterparts also as regards the habitat in which they are will find.

Among the features we find the possibility of making large jumps and the fact of being able to transport two people together. Among the other innovations there are also new signs to hang, chiseled bookcases and the possibility of carrying out the crafting with bamboo. This will introduce new objects to build in the world of Minecraft, including rafts formed from bamboo.

The new mob that will be introduced, emerged victorious from the votes open to the public, will be Sniffers. It is a creature that was part of the Minecraft overworld ecosystem but has gone extinct, at least until now. With the introduction of the new mob, players will be able to find and heal eggs until they hatch to release the animal in question, which otherwise can be very useful for finding some types of seeds.

Several new skins are planned, in addition to the Batman DLC announced during Minecraft Live, while during the event we also saw the new trailer with the Minecraft Legends release period.

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