Minecraft and Street Fighter: announced the collaboration with the World Warrior skin pack

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It’s hard to be surprised now by the crossover collaborations Of Minecraftbut this one still succeeded, given that it is Street Fighternot quite the first brand we would have expected to see go through the Mojang treatment.

The team announced the World Warrior Skin Pack, a new Street Fighter themed skin pack that was made available today, February 18, 2022, within the game’s Marketplace. Created in collaboration with 57Digital and Capcom, the pack brings 35 characters from the Street Fighter series in cubed form within Minecraft.

Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Guile, Blanka and many others can therefore be inserted now in the worlds of Minecraft using the various skins present in the World Warrior Skin Pack in DLC.

Minecraft, the new skins inspired by Street Fighter in an image

Along with the release of the package in question, Mojang is also making available a new free item for the Character Creator as well as 12 new additional paid items to customize the appearance of the characters.

The Street Fighter fighters are obviously modeled on the structure of the standard Minecraft characters, but the textures applied recall the typical characteristics of the reference characters in the fighting game, with a rather bizarre result, as demonstrated by the presentation trailer on this page.

All this contributes to increasing the wait for the possible announcement of Street Fighter 6which has already been suggested by various insiders such as Dusk Golem and Jeff Grubb, while Capcom in the meantime has launched a mysterious countdown that reinforces suspicions about it.

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