Minecraft Dungeons to 15 million players, Festival of Frost event kicks off

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Minecraft Dungeons continues to grind impressive numbers, reaching 15 million players register in the game on the various platforms on which it is available, and for the occasion Mojang has announced the start of the event Festival of Frostobviously in a winter setting.

Starting today and until February 22nd, players can participate in this Festival of Frost, which allows you to take part in a huge number of different challenges all hell-themed, between glacial environments and related mobs. Some of these are located in the Tower, the new Tower that is the setting for some of the most challenging quests that can be undertaken in Minecraft Dungeons, now enriched with further floors with glacial scenarios and new threats to thwart.

During the Festival, some Chills and Thrills events also return within the seasonal challenges, allowing even those who lost them last year to be able to try them on this new occasion and obviously get the related rewards. Finally, any player who logs into Minecraft Dungeons from February 8 will receive the free reward “Iceologer Cape”a special cloak released to celebrate the achievements of the game and thank all the large community of players.

Considering that Minecraft Dungeons had hit 11.5 million players in June 2021, having now surpassed 15 million means that the user base continues to grow from month to month. The support on the other hand is not lacking, as demonstrated by the launch of the seasonal adventures and the Tower which took place last fall.

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