Minecraft, NFT Worlds releases an unofficial Web3 update

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Minecraft was used as a home base from NFT Worlds to introduce functionality into the game Web3 through a unofficial updatewhich uses third-party servers and has therefore not been recognized by Microsoft.

With its 141 million active monthly users, Minecraft is undoubtedly an extremely popular platform, and it is precisely on this factor that NFT Worlds aims to make its services known, such as an in-game shop that allows you to buy items using specific cryptocurrencies.

In short, we are talking about a sort of metaverseat least in intentions, built within an already consolidated experience, which could make the happiness of both the many Minecraft fans and NFT collectors.

What NFT Worlds is interested in selling are plots of virtual land, in practice, with 10,000 worlds different in style and biomes, available at variable prices with or without auction: starting from 14.5 Ethereum, about 38 dollars, for the more accessible article.

The experiment therefore appears undoubtedly interesting for those who have curiosity towards NFTs, but it will be necessary to understand if it can work without problems or if Microsoft will oppose this use of Minecraft assets.

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