Mobile games: nearly 230 million active players in 2021 in the US and Canada

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The NPD group reported some updated data on the use of mobile games regarding the gaming market in North America, reporting of 228.7 million active players between USA and Canada in the course of 2021.

While this is a staggering number, it actually represents a drop compared to what was recorded in 2020, although rather tenuous. The amount of active players on mobile platforms has in fact dropped by 4% compared to the previous year, again according to data provided by NPD Group in collaboration with Sensor Tower.

This variation, according to analysts, would be attributable to a new adjustment of videogame habits by users after the lockdown periods which followed one another in the previous year. After the peak recorded, the amount of active users is normalizing to slightly lower but more stable numbers, it seems.

With the reduction of the restrictions, the consumption of mobile video games seems to have decreased, particularly with regard to the download of new titles and the amount of time spent on them on average each day. That said, there is still an impressive user base, which still has possible margins for growth and in any case only represents the North American region, therefore a small part of the entire market.

It appears that the genres most used by players on mobile platforms are puzzles, strategy and puzzles, which recorded a growth of 54% compared to 2020.

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