Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, trailer announces the Espinas Ardente, arriving with the Title Update 2

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Capcom has released a new trailer Of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak with which he officially unveiled theEspinas Burningthe first of the new monsters arriving in next month’s Title Update 2.

Espinas Ardente is a subspecies introduced, like the original monster, in the MMO Monster Hunter Frontier. It is an even tougher specimen and capable of generating even larger and more powerful flames than the normal Espinas. As we can see in the trailer, he can even take on an elder dragon like Teostra without major problems, so this is an opponent that hunters shouldn’t take lightly.

Espinas Ardente will debut in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak with the Title Update 2, which is the second free update scheduled for the end of September. Along with him will come at least one other new monster, yet to be revealed, and “enhanced monsters”, hence we assume new infected specimens.

Staying on the subject, yesterday Capcom announced that Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has sold more than 4 million copies worldwide.

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