Monster Hunter Rise: Update 3.9 introduces 14 weapons and the Black Belt set to prepare you for Sunbreak

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Capcom announced thefree update 3.9 Of Monster Hunter Rise to be released on February 24 for PC and Nintendo Switch which, among the various news and fixes, introduces the Defender weapon set for all 14 typesthe Black Belt armor set, and the Veteran’s Talisman.

The new content can be redeemed from Senri the Postman in Kamura Village and is designed to prepare players, especially those who have just started playing, for the arrival of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, the massive expansion that will introduce dangerous new giant monsters. and the Master Degree.

The Defender weapon set, according to the official description, will help players from the early stages of the adventure and can be upgraded by the blacksmith as you advance into the High Rank.

Instead, the Black Belt armor set (also available as an armor style) offers high defense (150, 180 once fully upgraded) and a set of basic skills designed for novice players, specifically:

  • Attack bonus of lv. 4
  • Hearing Protection of lv. 3
  • Athlete of Lv.1
  • Lv.1 healing bonus
  • Anti-flare of Lv. 1

The Veteran’s Talisman instead it offers one Athlete point and two Healing Bonuses. Finally, again with Update 3.9, you can also get the Guild armor set, which improves the skills collected (but the included skills are not known at the moment).

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