Moon Knight, new photo and details: he will be a brutal character, says Kevin Feige

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Moon Knight

Moon Knight it shows itself with a new one photo published by Empire, as part of a coverage in which he also intervened Kevin Feigedefining the character brutal and aiming to test the limits of Marvel television series on Disney +.

With the most watched trailer among the Marvel series on Disney +, Moon Knight stands as a fundamentally new hero in terms of cinema and television, and those who know him thanks to the comics know how his figure is … peculiar.

“It’s brutal,” Feige told Empire’s microphones. “We had fun working with Disney + and finding out what the limits of the things we can do. There are moments in the series where Moon Knight complains about another character and does so in a vehement and brutal way. ”

Moon Knight on the cover of Empire

Moon Knight on the cover of Empire

“At that moment the reaction was to wonder if we would have smoothed that part, but no, we wouldn’t have changed anything. There is a change of tonewe’re doing something different: this is Moon Knight. “

“He’s a dark hero and the things we’re dealing with are very different than usual,” said actor Oscar Isaac instead. “But since it is a television series and not a film, there is not that pressure so the opening weekend has to be extraordinary. “

“We can then take risks and try to carry this type of experimental quality on a large scale. “We’ll understand what Isaac and Feige meant starting March 30, when Moon Knight is available on Disney +.

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