MotoGP 22 classified in Brazil for consoles and PC, imminent announcement?

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MotoGP 22 appeared in the database of the rating board of Brazilthus suggesting a possible upcoming announcement from Milestone.

As TwistedVoxel reports, the game was ranked in Brazil for PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch, in short, the major platforms on the market, including the old gen. The fact sheet offers no further details on the new game in the series.

MotoGP 22, the Brazilian rating board

At the moment everything is silent on Milestone’s social networks, however the classification from the Brazilian rating board suggests a possible official announcement of MotoGP 22 in the coming days.

The last two chapters of the series were released during the course of the month of April, therefore, the time may be ripe for the arrival of a new iteration of the series. All that remains is to await a possible official announcement from Milestone, which at this point may not be long in coming.

Staying in the realm of rumors, Batman: Arkham Asylum, City and Knight could apparently arrive on Nintendo Switch in one collection.

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